November 11, 2005

Thicker than Dale Earnhardt's Moustache

Canadians think they know what peach juice is like, I have come to find out otherwise. In the country where I live, the peach juice is so thick it clings to the inside of the glass. It is the most incredible delightful juice the world has ever seen. It coats your throat the whole way down with sweet nectar of life. I am in utter awe of the thickness and sheer joy that is delivered to my tastebuds. It is a mix between drinking and eating and Oh what a mix it is.


Lor said...

LOL. sounds yummy.

Courtney said...

are canadians famous for their peach juice? maybe i should know this since i am one, but i don't.

His Beloved said...

it sounds very good! aside from the fact that you compared it to dale erhardt's juice sounds good when compare to that! :)