October 31, 2006

October 23, 2006

Short thought (cause sometimes we write too much and spoil it)

Every moment of everyday we are becoming something...

October 20, 2006

i am loved...i love...

love. it's the root of humanity. In action it is the most awe inspiring view on planet earth, far surpassing the giant mountains and rushing torrents of water that so capture our awe and take our breath away. i would give up traveling the earth and seeing all of God's creation to witness acts of love in their simplest and purest form. and it is this that sets us apart from all the rest of creation. animals have their moments, where they care and almost see to show affection. but humans, we have unlimited creativity, unbridled passion, and indescribable feelings that drive us to wild and at times irrational displays of our love. we can choose to love unconditionally, through the hellish times of life, with a force that no creature can duplicate. and yet through all of this, it still remains a mystery. who can wrap their head around the way that a man pursues the love of his life that has captivated him. the longings to be with one person, one special soul mate, for all the rest of time. how is this explained and where else is this found?

inside of me, there is this desire to be loved and to love, and all that love entails; trust, honesty, humility, intimacy, openness...

something that says, 'you are safe' and something inside of me that lets me know this is not just a hopeless dream.

there is a god that loves me, that mystifies me, makes my heart beat fast and know it's safe.
and out there, there is a girl, one who i will love with all that i was created to love with. she will know she is safe, she has found one to trust, one who will unconditionally and passionately love...because i am loved...

October 17, 2006

NEW JOB: Day One

So first day on the new job and there I stood guarding fragments of the dead sea scrolls. I believe it was a sign, although I'm not sure what the sign was, perhaps I need to convert to Judaism...

October 16, 2006

People expect too much from speaking and too little from silence.

October 11, 2006

October 7, 2006

Trinity Part Deux (That means two)

God Among Us:

This is the part of the trinity that seems to be understood and perhaps emphasized (sometimes overemphasized by Evangelicals) the most. When people think of Christianity they think of God among us, or Jesus Christ, God become flesh. When you have those moments in life when things are the most clear and you stop and think about the implications of God among us, it is truly astounding and mind blowing. This is the thing that good stories and movies want to happen; a deity coming to live beside us, to interact with us, share life with us. And this is what did happen, God came to live among us, eat with us, face our problems first hand.

This flesh wearing part of the trinity is what makes it possible for us to commune with the God above us. Job, in his self titled book, alludes to this when he says he wishes there was one to take up and plead his case before the Father. That cry has been heard and now God among us makes this possible.

God among us.

October 3, 2006

Trinity: Part 1

God Above Us:

The trinity is one of the most difficult ideas to wrap our heads around (my feeling). Yet if we were to understand it fully would God cease to be God? 3 diViNE beiNgs, one God, no hierarchy, different roles, yet so intricately woven together that they cannot be separated, confusing stuff.

As shaky and foundational this belief is we do see clear pictures of it throughout the Bible.

God above us, the Father, the Almight maker of heaven and earth. In Job we see an incredible picture of the wonder, awe, amazing, God who controls all things and knows all. God responds to Job's questions from out of the eye of the storm. That alone is incredible, but the things he says...blows my mind and leaves me in complete awe, remembering that I am man and God is God. That is a deep truth that has a lot to be unpacked. There are many things, many many things, like Job, that I don't understand. And I'm okay with that, as long as I recognize my place, my place is as man, not God. There are some things in this life that I will not figure out, that will not make sense and will leave me befuddled if I dwell on them too long. Then I remember that God is God and if he does what he says he does in Job chapters 38-42 then I have nothing to worry about, for I am man and God is God.

God above us