November 12, 2005


This title seems absurd and almost a mockery. But that is to the Western mindset. It is true. God is still at work. Here is the story:

A local friend of mine and I went for a walk down on the waterfront the other night. He is a believer and how that happened is a result of an interesting event. The man is in his mid 20’s and when he was in his late teens and early 20’s he served in the military for two years. While serving in the military he had a dream, a dream that scared him. It did not just happen once but it happened four times over the course of two years. In this dream, he was laying down and standing before him was Jesus, dressed all in white. He didn’t speak and all he did was motion toward my friend to come. Everytime my friend would awake scared. He began to think and and ponder and wrestle with the idea of and thought of Jesus really being the true way. About a year and a half after having these dreams he chose to begin to follow Jesus. When I met him he had been believing for about five months.
I had heard that these things happened although I had never met anyone whom they happened to. Coming from a Western culture this kind of thing intriques us because there is not much stock placed in dreams. In this culture dreams and visions are important and do happen. Perhaps God chooses to use that means here because they will be accepted and our Western thought has put God in a box. Anyhow, I don’t know, but I did ask him the question, “Before you had the dreams had you ever heard about people having dreams where Jesus appeared to them.” To this he replied he did not know and when I told him that he was surprised.
The God of the First Testament and the God of the Second Testament and the God of Today is the same God. He still reveals himself and is still drawing people to him. It blows my mind to think that the same God that created the entire world and all the billions of people, cares enough about us to show up while we sleep in our dreams. Amazing Love!


Courtney said...

we have put God in a box and when God does do something "out of the ordinary" we tend to try to explain it away or over analyze it. I think we've made things more complicated than they really are by taking God out it.

I'm not too sure that effectively explained what I meant.

As far as dreams, I think a lot of spiritual stuff happened there. Not just Jesus revealing Himslf to people, but warfare as well...

Lor said...

Josh, I love your blog and reading about how God is working around you and transforming you. His "amazing love" is seen throughout your posts. thanks very much for sharing! keep writing! keep seeing Christ blow your mind!

Doulos said...

I like the language of 1st and 2nd Testaments. It doesn't seem as offensive and it may apply even better than Old and New.

Love ya.