November 8, 2005

Build an Ark!

Building an ark was a ridiculous and time consuming task. I've come to understand how crazy it was, how time consuming it was, and just how ridiculous the request from God was at the time. But it was something big, I mean God had a complete plan and in the long run it made sense. I've often wondered why no one builds arks today. Obviously I don't mean a literal ark, but I mean the crazy things that don't make sense. How often have I just written those ideas off as fanaticism. Am I sure they are not Gos speaking to me. (Not to downplay God's power, but I also realize that only one ark was built in all of time. Everyday God is not going to ask us to do wild and crazy things.) Part of life is the everyday, "normal" life (normal life is a whole other topic). Anyhow, I've come to the point where I believe in God's power and I'm asking him to make it clear if he wants me to 'build an ark.' I'm here and I'm willing to believe whatever it is God wants me to believe, no matter how stupid and ridiculous it sounds to a human mind. Perhaps, I'll live my whole life faithfully serving him and I won't 'build an ark', and that is fine. I just need to be at the spot where I will do whatever it is God wants. That's the important thing.


His Beloved said...

The Lord told Noah
To build him an arky, arky
The Lord told Noah
To build him an arky, arky
Build it out of gopher barky, barky
Children of the Lord

Remember that song from when you were a kid? It came to mind as I was reading this! :) But in all really made me stop and think. I had never thought about it from that stand point. All too often I pass off stories like that as "well, that was then and this is now" but it is so true that God CAN still work in that way if he chooses. I think all too often we almost discredit that aspect of Him.

Heidi said...

That's something that I have been struggling with lately.I want to be completely willing to go wherever...but I don't want it to be for a huge period of time...because I need/want to be with my family and have my kids grow up with my sister's kids...I know that I need to be in the center of God's will...even if that's not where I will be the most safe in human terms,but that's where I'll be "safe" in the spiritual sense. Any thoughts?I am encouraged by you.

jen said...

Hey Josh, if you don't remember me, my name is Jen Ochej and I was a counsellor at Caton's this summer. Also, I go to Bethany, I'm in XD with your sister.

Anyway, I realize this is a semi-old entry but I've been thinking about it a lot since first reading it, and I think God is really showing me an ark in my life... It's terrifying, but I'm trying to be open to the idea. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, your blog is truly inspiring.

Linda said...

Hey Josh - I'm Linda from church? I heard how to log on and read your journal - so here I am. It is so awesome what God is teaching you and showing you in your journey! We do put God in a box all the time. Your comments really do make me think and your comment on the ark made me remember a study I once did where we were taught that we have to let God do things through that are only possible with His help - God-sized tasks! That ark sure was a God-sized task! And you know it reminded me that lots of times I pray for something and when it comes to pass I'm surprised. Now that's really putting God in a box isn't it? Linda