November 30, 2005

Not Dead.

Word on the street is that I have died (thanks Chris Massie), but actually I've just been without the internet for over a week. Things don't always work here like they work in North America. But at least I haven't lost my electricity in a while.

Here are some pictures of my everyday surroundings.

A common sight. Fruit is plentiful and very very good!


A beautiful fall day. Yesterday it was almost 60 degrees.


Honor her said...

Love the pictures!! The fruit looks

Honor her always

The Jew said...

I am quite jealous, Jorsh, that it's that warm. Don't you miss the absolutely frigid Canadian winters?

Lor said...

love the pics as well. eat a pommegranet for me.

His Beloved said...

thanks for a peek into your world josh! :)

Warrior said...

Pommegranete's are awesome Laura, except they stain everything.