November 22, 2005

The poor and the rich and the Rich

Spending any time in a culture other than America will prompt thinking about material possessions. It seems our culture breeds greed. I didn't think it affected me, and then my eyes were opened. Here you see people living with much less than I have. You also see street beggers everyday. This grabs your heart and makes you think. No matter how much you give away there will always be someone with less, but I realized that is the wrong mindset.

Yes, there will always be people that have more money than you and there will always be people that will have less than you. The material things must be viewed second to that of the Spirit. It needs to be second behind my true spiritual riches of Christ.....It's something I've known, but to actually live that way...I never have, I just said I did. Now I don't care what I do with my money (I'm still wise) but I really do see it as not my money. I think this is what they call contentment and I'm convinced that when one is content God can use them fully.


Courtney said...

I agree completely. I know this doesn't even come close to comparing with what you're seeing everyday, but about a month ago I started packing for home. For a month most of what I own has been either in the mail or zipped into a suitcase that I didn't need to open even once. It has been my own eye opener to how materialistic I am, even when I think I am not.

Kate said...

hey Josh
This reminds me of the Sermon series we just finished up at church. Where are you storing your treasures: in heaven or on earth? It really struck me... in the Bible everyone bring a gift to their kings... and even to Jesus in the stable... now when I am before the King, my Lord and Saviour are all my investmests here on heart or will I actualy have pure gold and silver to present to him.
It is always best to invest in the Eternal Kingdom of God. Good post. and Good life lesson.