November 11, 2005


Upon recommendation from Brando's blog, I went out and picked up the movie "Saved." It was criticizied by many "Christians" so this was another reason why I wanted to watch it. Without going into detail about the movie, because I suggest you watch it as well, I want to comment on my reaction.

The movie does not apply well to the culture that I am living in now, but I couldn't help but notice the question that was floating in my mind the entire movie. As someone who does follow Jesus, the movie begs the question, "Who am I really following?" and "What things do I believe that are not scriptural, but rather just cultural or worse..personal biases." The movie, a long with many other factors that have been occuring in my life (like the spiritual realm), made me step back and look at what I believe. As I posted a few days ago, what we truly belive is shown by our actions.

So watch the movie. Not as a Critical Evangelical, but rather as someone who believes in Jesus and is getting an inside look into how some people perceive us. Let is change you.

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