November 21, 2005

"Should have made a movie of this 80's cartoon" of the day!

So all of my friends have this cool thing on their blogs where they give a Word of the Day, or a Song of the Day, or a Link of the Day or something else really cool of the day. So I thought I would jump on the bandwagon (at least for today). Here's my "Should have made this 80's cartoon into a movie" Of The Day.

SILVERHAWKS! This would have made Spielberg even more money. Think about it. Guys that are made of silver and other shiny metals (I like shinky things) fly around in outerspace and fight the bad guy. The plot and story is ingenius. You have characters such as

Bluegrass: A young colonel who is perhaps the most laid-back of the Silverhawks. Bluegrass is a guitar playing pilot who can handle anything with wings. Blugrass, unlike the other silverhawks, has no wings. His weapon is Hot Licks a sonic blasting guitar. Who could possibly think of a better weapon than a sonic blasting guitar. Christopher Walken would be excellent at this part.

Copperkid: A mathematical genius from the Planet of the Mimes, who communicates through a complex system of tones. FROM THE PLANTET OF MIMES. This might have been where the cartoon stretched just a bit. I mean, who can seriously believe in a planet of just mimes. I bet that is where all of those ridiculous jokes originate. As far as casting, you could go kidnap any mime in any city park and I'm sure they'd play the part just fine. But maybe if Data's kid (the droid from Star Trek) can't talk really good, we could teach him how to be a mime.

How about "The Bad Guys"

Melodia: Mistress of evil notes, her musical power has shattering consequences. How can you be any more evil? Whoopi Goldberg comes to mind.

Windhammer: The storm master, with his dreadful tuning fork what can summon lightning and other meteorological anomalies. I'd definitely choose a tuning fork as weapon in a fight to the death. One man and one man only could play this role...Owen Wilson

This is my "fill in the blank" Of The Day


Courtney said...

huh...I wonder why no one picked that up yet for the next big box-office hit...:)

swITCHFUTgUY said...


Lor said...

you-ah cwazy.

Doulos said...

It's times like this that all I can say is, "Josh, I love you."

The Jew said...

well done jorsh, well done...