November 6, 2005

Caught in Jewish Thought

Sin. This is an area where Jews and Christians share surprising similarities. If a Jew sins, or when they realize their sin, the first thing they must do is to confess the sin. The same is true in Christianity. The next thing that happens, for both a Jew and a Christian, is repentence. Complete abandonment to sin and full turning and devotion to God. The third thing/step is where the two faiths part ways. If an orthodox Jew works on the Sabbath without realizing it, he must do something to make his sin right (pray, study the Torah, or fast). Jews must make right their sin. This is where the sacrifice system came into play. As Christians we also believe that our sin must be made right, but we believe that Jesus was that one time sacrifice that made things right with God. Yet, if I am true and honest with myself, I must admit that at times in the past I have had a Jewish mindset. I understood Christ’s sacrifice and even though I said I accepted it…I subconsciously would do something more. It usually came in the form or praying more or reading my Bible more. These are good things, but they didn’t always last. Although it wasn’t a conscious thought, my actions were saying that I only needed to be ‘superspiritual’ for a bit and then everything would be back to normal. I think a lot of it was a pride issue. I am completely helpless to take care of my sin. Just like a baby is not capable of cleaning up their own messes, I also must rely on someone fully.

The sacrifice of Jesus was enough for Justice. The thing we Christians must do is accept it, and sometimes that can be much more difficult than it seems.


Doulos said...

I think I still do that, without realizing it. God, bring me closer and help me to accept Your grace fully.

Lor said...

Oh the scandal that is grace, to rest in a forgiveness we did not earn. Why is it so humbling to accept such grace? Good words Josh.

Erica said...

Not sure if you remember me or not... I went to HWC and said I would send you pics of china... well, somewhere between houlton and china I lost your email address. (you can see a few by going to my blog.) Found a link to your site on amy's blog. you must be in asia now... Tell Tracie hello for me! Hope you are enjoying asia! I am!!!