November 17, 2005

Languge of Christ.

I never realized how much of my so called faith relyed upon words. If someone asked me in America what “religion” I was. I would be able to explain to them that I was a Christian and I followed Jesus. If we got into a deeper conversation then I would probably tell them about how it is not religion but a relationship and it is not about rules and laws but about love. We all know and believe this, but action shows what we truly believe. In America, since we can explain what we “say” we believe, often times we do not truly examine what it is we are actually believing (Our actions show our true belief.) In this culture, I when someone asks me what “religion” I am, and I respond that I am a Christian and I follow Jesus. That answer is tainted by years of poor examples and wrong perspectives. The Crusades are perhaps one of the worst examples of “Christianity” yet one of the most prominent in many peoples minds. Remember there has not been a Christian presence here for many many years. So how do you explain it?...You don’t. You live it. And even that answer has been thrown around in North American culture for years, but I think we’ve almost lost it’s meaning. When they only way to convey the message of the Gospel is through your actions, this becomes foremost in your mind, as it has mine.
I’ve come to understand what James says about Faith and Deeds in his second chapter.


Judy said...

you are right about "Christianity" is the states...what a lazy bum am i!

Lor said...

I am thankful for blogs b/c you share the lessons you learn in your culture, then we (I) learn from you, and apply it back home in NA!