December 7, 2005

Mr. 'Time'

God does not and has not changed. The God of the first testament is the same God of the second testament. He is just as just and just as merciful. Sometimes the God we see written about in the first testament is very difficult to understand, especially when there are verses that seem that God is being too harsh on people who don't have a chance. There is a very clear picture of the just side of God. The merciful side of God is also very evident. When the second testament comes into play, we are surrounded with love and mercy. (These are very very quick sketches). In some sense God appears to be different, but I know this to be not true.

When a human is born he enters a unending cycle of learning. From the moment he starts crying he is flooded with information and he learns. This never stops, and the older he gets the more of life he sees which helps him to understand it better. He will never know all there is to know, but he does continue to learn. Maybe all of time is like one person's life. When 'time' was born there was Adam and then Abraham and Moses and God started with who he was and that 'Sin is Bad.' There was nothing written, only the experiences of a few men. As 'time' grew older, he learned more about God as God was continually teaching about himself and revealing himself. God revealed himself to the full extent in Jesus, and 'time' is still learning and understanding him. 'Time' will never have God figured out, because if he were to figure out and understand God, then God would cease being God


Doulos said...

First of all, I like your use of 'first testament' and 'second testament.' I think I said that before too, but oh well.

Second, I like what you talked about. I have no idea if you made it up or if the book you read is crazy, but I like it nonetheless.

Keep thinking and learning and knowing God. We will have a good conversation in person sometime when you come back or I somehow make it over to see you. Until then, this is it.

Warrior said...

the topic arose the other night at an english bible study and this is kinda a mix of my own thoughts and others.

matthew said...

I have also found that comparison helpful. While it is true that God deals with us on individual levels in one sense, in a greater sense He deals with His people as a whole.

When I was younger I got 'the belt' when i was bad. As I got older all it took was 'the look'. It's not so much that my parents changed as it is the fact that I did.

It's hard for us to make the jump from how God deals with individuals to how he's dealing with the whole at the same time.

When we read the 1st testament it seems very hard on individuals (that's why people often ask...but what about the women and children???), but it's somewhat understandable for the group at large, since they were wicked.

When we read the 2nd testament it seems too soft on individuals (that's why people dislike the parable of the workers getting an equal wage), but it's hard to understand the concept of unbelievers spending eternity in hell.

But I don't think one is too hard or the other too soft. I think it's simply a coming of age story. Children need harsh discipline. Teens need grace.

Where it gets complicated is in recognizing that while humanity is (perhaps) in it's 'adult' phase, there are still many human kids and teens. Just like there were mature followers in the 1st testament.

But it's 5:53am and i still can't sleep so I am probably just rambling :)

Warrior said...

Matthew, what you said I think I agree with wholeheartedly. That makes sense. Thanks, you've helped to develop my thinking.

The Jew said...

Matt, that's one of the most profound things I've ever read. Thanks.

And Josh, what you said was good too. :)

Lor said...

Josh, I am floored by the stuff you're writing about. Had no idea you were so insightful back at BBC. It's awesome to hear the things God is teaching you. They are new to me!

Kris Gowdy said...

I think some of the difficulty is that we are trying to become God and not just let God be God. Right no, Josh. God is the same always and forever no matter when or where we encounter him. As humanity becomes for "enlightened" and "developed" we try to pile on our agenda that keeps our god in a manageable form. God told us what he requires of us in Micah 6:8. Jesus gave it to us in the Great Commission. The we go and layer all these church growth and multi-faceted discipleship programmes on top. Let God be God and let's just do our job and follow him. Strip it down to the bare essentials and just do it!