December 13, 2005


Let me try to place you in the mysterious place where I was over Thanksgiving weekend, and where we have all been many times in our life. I found myself standing on the top of this large hill in a sheep pasture. There were no lights to be seen and the sky was crisp and clear. I love the stars but on this night I saw more stars than I have ever seen before. I saw stars in the Orion constellation that I can’t see at my house in Pennsylvania. My mind was blown yet again. As I stood there I realized that the stars have caused so many questions since the beginning of time, and zero answers. They are one of the biggest mysteries, and when I look at them I too sense the mystery. The stars seem to prompt in me a longing for the divine, as I’m sure they have in many people since there were people. I have no answers and I don’t think I want answers, cause when I look at the stars I feel so small, yet at the same time so very loved because I know the hand that made the vast array of stars took more time and effort in forming me. And that is good enough for me.


Doulos said...

wow! hearing you describe your feelings rekindles those same feelings that i've had in the past. God is awesome!!!

Kris Gowdy said...

Great, Joshua! Those are the feelings that I experience too as I gaze up, the end of the dock at the cottage this summer most recently. God did an awesome job forming you and he is continuing ot form himself in you. Awesome!