December 5, 2005

Full Circle Part 2

Power in Simplicity and Mystery. In the past, I have taken the power out of the Good News by trying to explain everything down to a T (don't get me wrong, knowledge is good and we should know what we are talking about). However, tonight I realized something.

God gave me the opportuninty to share the Good News by explaining why I celebrate Christmas, to my lifting partner and his younger sister. With the language barrier I told of the Good News of God coming to live with us, to save us. Sure there is more to it, but this is the Gospel message. The power of the Gospel is not in my clear and full explanation, but in God's Spirit. I will do my part and obey God's Spirit and it is God that will explode His words in their soul when they least expect it.


Honor her said...

What a joy and a privilege for you to be able to share the most beautiful love story in a simple and loving way. No better way to celebrate Christmas!! How jealous I am but yet so blest in the same thought to have you for a son. Christmas, what an amazing gift to us all!

Honor her always

The Jew said...

I think it's incredible that you can strip the gospel of all the limitations that us Americans can place on it (mostly thanks to language) and explain the fact that it's not a head thing so much as it is a relationship. praise God.

ps - wanna send me some Mac games? :)

Kris Gowdy said...

Right on, Joshua! The gospel is Jesus. Not Jesus and... whatever the Chrisitan culture cares to add to it. We must become like little children, right? It's pretty simple.

Nata said...

Your mom thinks you're special. :)