March 12, 2011

Song Lyric 7

Mercy, detached from Justice, grows unmerciful.-- CS Lewis

Our God is a just God.  This does not mean he is not merciful.  I think often we Christians, especially those of us in the evangelical camp, like to downplay the justice of God and overplay the mercy of God.  Psalm 7 reminds us that God judges, he searches minds, hearts and motives.  The psalmist, humbly and boldly, ask God to judge and to protect the righteous.  This is all because the God that we serve, the God of the Old and New Testament is a righteous God.  He is right and just.  *I heard that righteousness used to be spelled rightwiseness.  That gives a good picture of the word.*

Those that are doing the Psalm a day (Epoch & Focus).  Keep your eyes peeled for mercy and justice in the Psalms.

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