March 7, 2011

Song Lyric 2 (Psalm 2 of POTD)

Psalm 2:
I'm struck by the supremacy of God.  Things do not go unnoticed by God.
I also found it interesting that the command is to 'Kiss the Son' in verse 12.  The footnote said that in the Near East a kiss doubled as a sign of submission.  The 'Son' is referring to the King in this passage, which makes sense to the person reading it, since they are commanded to take refuge in the King.  However, we can claim this verse as truth about Jesus because of what we know about him from the New Testament.  The writer was not writing about Jesus, but God, who ordained this book, knows his own plan and I believe the fact that many things written in the Psalms seem to be experiences from Jesus life, or truths about Jesus is not by chance.

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