March 8, 2011

A Shield Around Me. (Song Lyric 3)

Psalm 3:

The picture that is drawn in my mind when I read the phrase, "You, O Lord, are a shield around me." is quite beautiful.  I imagine this highly explosive action film where the main character, me, is running from some bad guys that are shooting at him.  (and probably shooting like 100 times without reloading, cause that is how movies are.  The time I was shot at, the guy had to reload after 6.)  But running with me is a hulk of a man with muscles in his teeth and he is completely blocking the sight line of the enemy.  He is taking the full brunt of the lead.  And then when we reach out destination, I sleep and rest, while he stays vigilant.
What a picture of God.  Rescuing, protecting, and delivering.

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Leslie said...

I really like the description :-) It is an awesome picture of God. I love reading your blog!