February 1, 2006

Frank. Completely Frank.

There are moments in my life when God is frustrating to me, and I do not like the things that he does. Times when what he has done or is doing, I feel go against his character and I just can't explain it. I don't think I'll ever understand the slaughter of children in the Old Testament for example. There are others too. Some people say they have answers for them, but I don't think we have God figured out like that. If we could truly understand all that he does, he would cease to be God. HOWEVER, concering those tough and seemingly wrong issues, I have come to a point in my life where I acknowledge and truly believe (actions prove belief) that what God does is just and right. I rest on the firm fact that God does have life figured out and I don't.


The Jew said...

it begs the question to be asked, do we just assume God is "rational" like we are? what do we base being rational on? if so, I'd say God's one of the least rational persons I know.

Doulos said...

Josh, I like your thoughts. Rob, I don't understand yours. Quit trying to be rational.

Lor said...

"Truly, O God of Israel, our Savior, you work in strange and mysterious ways." (Is 45:15). Once again, The Word sums it up best.

Honor Her always said...

I'm reading this book " A Dad-shaped Hole in my heart" to mentor a person and this may give some insight.
Some create earthly fathers in the image of what they want him to be, rather than what he could ever be.
Often we do this with God, our heavenly Father.
Often times we hear who we think God should be rather than who He is according to Scriptures.
We cannot create God in the image we want Him to be in order to satisfy our needs. God is who He is whether that meets our approval or not.

Steph said...


Shut up Chris.

Yay Rob!

The Jew said...


I meant what I said. Thanks for the support Steph. It's true though...I often find myself looking to the Lord for the standard of what we're to be and act like, but when it comes to rationality and making sense all the time, the Lord's not the one to look to. So does that mean it's okay if WE're not rational?