March 19, 2007

God in the dying

I often wonder, "Where is God in places like Rwanda, Sudan, Concentration camps, the slums? Why is he not there?" Then I remember that God resides in His temple... which now is me and I understand why God may not seem to be there. . . because here I sit.

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Lor said...

goodness josh you're good at being concise and profound.

in Israel we met a sculpter who's been working on a huge art piece for six years with images of Christ that interact with images of holocaust victims. many jews have the same question you posed: where was God when we were being murdered? I think of the verse that states, "In all their suffering He also suffered so He lifted them up and carried them; He personally rescued them." (Isaiah). you're right, now that we are the Temple we carry His presence. that's why we're called to visit those in prison and take care of the widows and orphans. true and lasting religion is that very thing. so let's go where He sends and be His life in midst of the dying.

once again my comment is longer than your post. how do you do it?