January 21, 2007


There are time in my life when 'life' seems to make the most sense. It seems that everything is clear, I think clearly, can make the wisest decisions and my purpose and meaning is crystal clear. Those moments are usually late at night before I go to sleep, during long car rides by myself and after times of worship. The one thing that all three of these have in common is stillness. I am consciously aware that I am in God's presence and I am still. I have discovered that there is something deep to stillness, something intimate. Be still and know that he is God. I have found that to be true. It is in those moments that I truly know, down to my core, and when you know that He is God, life makes sense. It is difficult to describe, but stillness will do a better description than I could ever do.

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colleen said...

amen!... stillness... rest... peace...

He is there.

not always so easy, though.