January 7, 2007

Simple Clay Pots

We are described as clay pots, simple, maybe even oddly shaped or cracked clay pots. And in those clay pots is placed the most valuable treasure in all the world. It isn't placed in a well guarded vault, or in some tightly locked chest and buried under a thousand feet of dirt. And on top of that, this treasure is also the power of God. . . . . . . . the power of God. . . . . .the Power of God! IN CLAY POTS! It seems ridiculous. Absurd. Ludicrous. But that is the way for others to experience this treasure.

My mind is blown once again.

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Erskine said...

Yes, clay pots that contain the power, essence, love, and image of God. Clay pots that are so fragile but which God calls "perfect." This is extremely timely for me due to a project I'm working on with our church choir. They're all going to receive a small clay jar on Wednesday (or next Wednesday) with Scriptures about God as our potter, humans as His clay. Though you couldn't have intended it, you confirmed something very deep that God is teaching my spirit.