October 20, 2006

i am loved...i love...

love. it's the root of humanity. In action it is the most awe inspiring view on planet earth, far surpassing the giant mountains and rushing torrents of water that so capture our awe and take our breath away. i would give up traveling the earth and seeing all of God's creation to witness acts of love in their simplest and purest form. and it is this that sets us apart from all the rest of creation. animals have their moments, where they care and almost see to show affection. but humans, we have unlimited creativity, unbridled passion, and indescribable feelings that drive us to wild and at times irrational displays of our love. we can choose to love unconditionally, through the hellish times of life, with a force that no creature can duplicate. and yet through all of this, it still remains a mystery. who can wrap their head around the way that a man pursues the love of his life that has captivated him. the longings to be with one person, one special soul mate, for all the rest of time. how is this explained and where else is this found?

inside of me, there is this desire to be loved and to love, and all that love entails; trust, honesty, humility, intimacy, openness...

something that says, 'you are safe' and something inside of me that lets me know this is not just a hopeless dream.

there is a god that loves me, that mystifies me, makes my heart beat fast and know it's safe.
and out there, there is a girl, one who i will love with all that i was created to love with. she will know she is safe, she has found one to trust, one who will unconditionally and passionately love...because i am loved...


Leslie said...

Hey Josh! Leslie (from Plug'd) here. I just wanted to say Hi, I found your blogspot through Pokey.

Great messages on love- God has blessed you with wisdom, I can definitely see that.

I just want to encourage you to keep your heart totally protected for the infamous "her" and for God right now. Being in a new area and all, I'm sure it's easy to meet new people and everything, so for "her" sake and for yours- use caution in your relationships with all of the good lookin' michigan gals you're meeting :) I'm sure you already are, but I just really wanted to encourage you in that area.

I hope you have an excellent weekend! I'll see ya Monday.


Anonymous said...

love, indeed, is a powerful thing. it changes the way that we view and interact with even the smallest aspect of our existence.

i think that saint augustine said it best when he wrote of love that "It is beyond doubt that the one cause of fear is either that we lose what we love after attaining it or that, despite all our hopes, we will never attain it at all."

oh may fear never find its way into our lives in the absence of that which we love or one day hope to love.

Doulos said...

Well-written, Josh. You like things simple, and you put them in creative new ways of telling them.