October 11, 2006

God in the Storm


Danielle Engle said...

Hey Josh... it's Pokey, from PlugD. This video is awesome! Especially the lightening pictures. I took my first lightening picture this summer... I was pretty excited.

You've got a lot of great stuff on here... haven't had time to read a ton of it yet, but I'll eventually make my way through. It's always nice to have something interesting to read.

See ya Monday!


Lor said...

makes me think of Job 38-41. Jehovah is so huge and all powerful and creative. The video reminds of to stand (bow face down, actually) in utter awe of His majesty. Who are we, people of clay, that God Almighty is mindful of us?

Danielle Engle said...

You did a nice job at PlugD. I love that passage in Job where God speaks. I forget about it sometimes though, so I'm glad you used it. And I'm glad you showed this video!!