August 31, 2006

I've been reading some really provocative and mind muddling books recently. I feel like I am in a swamp full of mud (but the mud is good mud) and I'm wallowing through it trying to figure it all out. A whole new realm of Jesus and the Father have been opened up to me over the last six months. There is a relationship that is so much like a relationship. (I understand that was a very vague sentence). What a friend I've found in Jesus has become a daily reality, even though the present journey of life has been bleak, ill-defined, and rocky, but and it's a big but, faithful Father has been there, even when I didn't want him there. Yes there have been times when I thought I would have rather not been familiar with my Father or even know him. Yet, he is there, I am learning, still walking and wanting others to know about the love of God even in my selfish moments.