February 12, 2011

Resurrection! ? . !

Been doing a lot of reading on the Resurrection of Jesus, the keystone of Christian faith.  Remove the keystone and everything crumbles.  I'm looking for some of the best refutations to the resurrection.  Feel free to post anonymously.


Anonymous said...

If the resurrection is true, and I was the one who Jesus appeared to after this event. I can imagine having a really hard time trying to understand, explain, and grasp what just happened.

Warrior said...

Very true. Some refutations to the empty tomb state that the resurrection is invalid because there were no eyewitnesses to the empty tomb that recorded history. Some state that the resurrection and empty tomb were legendified over time and that details were added to embelish. While we can not completely disprove or prove either views, (I am choosing to believe) I definitely agree with you that it would be really hard to describe or explain to anyone the concept of an empty tomb because of resurrection.