May 18, 2006

Faith vs. Old Religious Ways of Doing Things

This thinking comes after a conversation with Rev. D. Bray and some interesting life experiences.


Relationship with Jesus, right?

Salvation it seems is saying yes to the light (knowledge of God) that we have been exposed to. Does prevenient grace cover the "what if's"? We have packaged salvation too much in America. It is more journey and relationshiplike than we have made it out to be. This being true, it makes baptism make a whole lot more sense.


Doulos said...

I'm reading a book by Leonard Sweet right now, and he said something along the same lines. Christianity isn't boiled down to a formula or principle; it's 'boiled down' to a relationship. It IS a journey, and it IS about knowing Jesus more. Let's emphasize that and help people find more of Jesus.

Doulos said...

How exactly does it make baptism make sense? As a sign of your decision to follow Jesus, or as something else?

Joseph said...

How sweet the journey of a forgiven and cleansed soul, being in Christ, looking the footsteps of Christ, listening for the voice of Christ.

Warrior, I am reading about Hudson Taylor and you remind me of him. Keep the faith brother, you encourage us all.

Warrior said...

it seems in the church Chris that we have this push to make people go to the altar and that kind of has been acting as their baptism. It was their public display of their decision to follow Christ. does that make sense.