March 19, 2006

Following Christ

American life is cut and dried and easy. It is so easy that we have time to think about entertainment often, and we think about it often. We are conditioned that the things that occupy our mind are the utmost important.
We are no longer cultured to lookout for our ‘brother.’ Maybe because our ‘brother’ can take care of himself or maybe because the things our ‘brother’ faces are no life and death situations.
I have a friend here who is trying to find a job. We’ve talked about it and I’ve treated him exactly how I would treat someone at home who was trying to find a job.—the occasional prayer and the ‘good luck.’ But things are different here. Getting a job is not the same because nothing is fair. He needs a job to help his family but nothings opened. He doesn’t want to pay a bribe and he doesn’t want to lie which makes finding a job almost impossible. I can’t understand it but it is much more important here than at home. As a reflection of Jesus, I need to invest my life into his in caring about this as he cares about it and praying about it as he would want me to pray for him. But have I been…no, because I’m preoccupied with self and I don’t understand the importance of the situation.
As I write this I am again blown away with the intensity and depth to which Jesus invested his life into others. ~That’s what followers of Jesus do~


Kris Gowdy said...


Steph said... can be kinda depressing to realize what it takes because it's always more than I am able to do. I think that's what it takes for me to see how it's God who has to do it, and I am only His instrument. (sigh of relief!)

Lor said...

I read your blog more often than I comment. you are always challenging and always honest. thanks for that. May God dwell in you richly as you learn how to be Jesus to the people He has called you to. May He grant you His compassion and selflessness in abundance.