October 21, 2005


I have come to the conclusion that when I was a child, too young to remember, or perhaps I don't remember for this reason, I must have had a lobotomy. The doctors must have thought it amusing to remove the part of my brain that is in charge of language learning. Because of this, I have never spoke real good English, and/or/but it is making learning a foreign language a lots very harder. Some peoples said that to learned a nother way to talk is like drinkings from a firehose. I am convniecd taht it is mroe likes Hruriacne Katrina. I am aslo cnonviecd taht it msut hvae been a wmoan taht ivnneted langguae. No man in his rgiht mnid wulod hvae eevr been albe to tihnk of soemtihng so cmopelx. We wuold sitll be uisng nioses, wihch is fnie wtih me. Gurnts and piontnig semeed to wrok fnie for the cveamen. If it wroked for tehm, why not for me.


Julia Elvarado said...

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elizabeth said...

If you had a lobotomy then so did I. Language learning makes me want to cry or scream and throw things. But i am reserved and do neither

The Jew said...

lol, Josh...you have a blog!

I think you'll do just fine with the whole Aberdoobian thing. When you teach them English, they don't have to know that you're actually teaching them west-Pennsylvanian, right? It's all the same to them?

If I end up going over there where you are sometime in the future, I can just imagine running into a pack of people who say stool and stole the same way :)

Kris Gowdy said...
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Kris Gowdy said...

to follow up on Meeks' comment...don't forget the pronuncitaion of pool, pole & pull as indistinct from each other

love you Josh!